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Given the outstanding opportunity to freely create by ZheeClay Arts Ltd 

in collaboration Kibo Arts, ZheeClay Creative was established.

Our team of artists have over 30 years of collective experience in studio production.

The idea is to capture the endless urban and natural textures in our everyday environment and transforming

them into artistic finishes with mediums and applications based on our areas of expertise.

All products are created inhouse within our 8000 sq.ft. studio facility.  To visit our showroom, please contact us

to book an appointment.

ZheeClay Creative Gallery

Developing the Artistry of Photo Verre Eglomise

Our creativity draws from the natural and urban surroundings replenished with endless references of textures,

patterns, colours, shades and patinas.


The mastery of mixed media is the basis to creating these works of art.  ZheeClay Creative has developed and evolved an

artistry between bespoke and digital techniques creating a visual dialogue between the two avenues.


We intend to resort traditional techniques by adapting contemporary materials

and technology. Through this innovative endeavor we have developed

a technique we call Photo Verre Eglomise.


The balance in applications on the reverse side of glass and other substrates is

what we have accomplished providing the industry with an adaptable product to be applied in countless



The chromas and hues of our inks, the range and quality of our palette was refined over twenty years of

experience with countless hours of research and development through our parent company ZheeClay

Arts Ltd.


Blended with our precious/semi-precious metals and reversed painting on glass, we have captured a

subtle yet striking surface which displays the depth and beauty of our environment.

As inset panels, wallcoverings, or individual art pieces we offer consistency

and volume accompanied with a reasonable production timeline and delivery.

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